Kimberley Williams

Kimberley R. Williams

Senior Media Producer

Kimberley is a freelance filmmaker, musician/artist, environmentalist, teacher and mother of two. Kimberley earned her MFA in Film & Media Arts and a BA in Secondary Education, English & Theater.

She produces promo videos for nonprofits and long-form documentary films, and has also worked as a Media Arts adjunct professor for both American University and Catholic University of America in Washington DC. Prior to teaching at the university level, Kimberley was a high school teacher for six years.

As a self-taught musician, singer-songwriter, Kimberley believes in the transformative power of music, art and unique forms of self-expression. She also practices dream analysis, yoga and meditation as modes for personal, physical, and spiritual transformation and growth.

Chosen as OCTFME’s filmmaker of the month, read about Kimberley’s work as an independent media producer HERE.