Malauna Steele

Director of Finance

Malauna Steele provides financial management expertise, strategic planning, implementation training to various nonprofit organizations in the District of Columbia as well as globally. In her capacity as a local advocate for organizations that benefit children and at-risk youth, she draws on 10 years of experience in nonprofit groups that provide services to various target audiences that are in need of assistance.

Malauna Steele is called on frequently to speak on a wide range of topics such as financial management, employment development as well as other global development issues in developing countries. Her education and hands-on training have provided her with an in-depth experience in financial management and educational training.

She has traveled to more than 19 countries on behalf of education, civil rights, health, water and sanitation, global slavery and conservation. In her travels, the realization that her local community had impacting concerns that needed to be addressed encouraged her vision for Washington, DC, with a “Fully Literate District”. She consults regularly for nonprofits and residential facilities targeting at-risk youth. In her discretionary time, Malauna volunteers for food banks, homeless shelters and lends her voice to a weekly news radio show in Baltimore that reaches audiences that are unable to read for themselves.