Minista Jazz

Guest Facilitator

Minista Jazz is a motivational speaker, author, and performer. As a Workshop & small group Facilitator, Minista Jazz has touched the live’s of thousands across the globe.

This young adult life coach, personal development & life skills trainer, and HipNoticHop artist,  encourages young adults to effectively use media and technology in order to authentically connect and effectively collaborate to influence radical transformation within communities in order to spread the healing principles of peace, love, respect, and unity in their communities, homes, and at work or school.

Minista Jazz strongly based her philosophy in self empowerment and confidence building in order to support the expression one’s uniqueness, talent, and share their voice  peacefully as well impacting.

Minista Jazz is a certified spiritual Practitioner & life coach and holds a master’s degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona.