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Continuum of Services

One Common Unity’s continuum of services supports youth through prevention, early intervention, and therapeutic treatment. We emphasize cultural sensitivity in our staff and curriculum to ensure that we genuinely understand and center the needs of DC’s youth and empower them to reach their true potential.

Fly by Light

Our flagship program, Fly By Light (FBL), trains the next generation of youth leaders in social-emotional literacy and non-violent communication and empowers them to use art, music, and creative expression to create positive social change in their communities.

Behavioral Health Services

Licensed school-based behavioral health clinicians provide individual and group therapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-focused CBT, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and other evidence-based programs, to the most vulnerable youth.

Peace Together

Peace Together ensures that young people ages 24 and under, who have been impacted by gun violence, receive therapeutic interventions to support their healing journeys. The program helps youth process grief and trauma and teaches them healthy coping skills.

The Intention Room

The Intention Room® is an alternative to in-school suspension. This space allows students to explore restorative justice practices, art and music therapy, mindfulness, and dialogue around the challenges they are facing.

Art & Media

Through spoken word and poetry, music and dance, visual arts, and filmmaking, OCU youth are empowered to use artistic expression as an alternative to violence. Throughout the years, youth have recorded music videos, and our documentary films have won local and international acclaim.

Performance Troupe

The Fly By Light Performance Troupe is the flagship professional performance and visual arts group of One Common Unity. The troupe consists of DC-Metro area youth who demonstrate a strong talent, passion, and commitment to performance and visual artistry as their central career focus.

2022 Partner Schools Graphic

Our Partner Schools

Today, our school and community-based programs serve youth and families across nearly all eight wards of the District of Columbia, currently partnering with 26 public and public charter schools. This list details our current schools, delineated by program (Fly By Light (FBL), School-Based Behavioral Health (SBBH), Intention Room (IR), and Peace Together (PT).

School Name Ward FBL SBBH IR PT
1) Anacostia HS 8
2) Bard HS 7
3) Browne EC 5
4) Alice Deal MS 3
5) Eastern HS 6
6) Eliot-Hine MS 6
7) Harmony PCS 5
8) HD Woodson HS 7
9) Johnson Middle School 8
10) Kramer MS 8
11) Mary McLeod Bethune PCS 5
12) Maya Angelou Academy at Youth Services Center
13) Paul HS 4
14) Paul MS 4
15) Perry Street Prep PCS 5
17) Richard Wright PCS 6
18) School Without Walls HS 2
19) Stuart-Hobson MS 6
20) Takoma EC 4
21) Theodore Roosevelt HS 4
22) Roosevelt STAY HS 4
23) Seed PCS 7
24) Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS 8
25) Wheatley EC 5
26) Whittier ES 4

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