Response to the Breach of the Capitol

January 7, 2021

At One Common Unity, we feel deeply shaken and appalled by yesterday’s reprehensible attack on our democracy. We also find strength and hope in witnessing a clear victory for democracy as record-breaking numbers of Black, Latinx and Asian voters turned out to the polls and elected the first African American Senator and first Jewish Senator in Georgia’s history. In a state so marked by a history of voter suppression, especially of Black voters, we celebrate the hope they’ve shown us. And as lawmakers returned to the Capitol last night to fulfill their duties, we reaffirm that violence cannot win

We have so much work to do. 

Yesterday, our community watched in horror and disbelief as a mob, with many overt white-supremacists, took full advantage of white-privilege and tore past Capitol police. 

The wildly unequal policing tactics used yesterday openly contradicted those employed this summer during the Black Lives Matter protests. Unlike those peaceful protesters whose approach to the Capitol was met with a perimeter of armed guards, yesterday’s demonstrators found little to no resistance as they breached the Capitol walls and stormed the chambers of Congress. While hundreds were arrested during this summer’s uprisings for racial justice, it seems that police only arrested 13 of the hundreds who stormed the Capitol. 

This display of white privilege is a national shame.

Alongside historic and systemic racism and inequity, we are witnessing the perils of ignorance. Our deeply unequal education systems have gutted funding for civics, science, and the arts. Social emotional literacy, mindfulness, restorative justice, and conflict resolution skills are taught in far too few schools. Repairing this country requires a deep, long-term commitment to our youth and vastly expanded funding to close the gaps in educational opportunities. We won’t repair our divisions overnight, but by teaching nonviolent communication, the skills of dialogue, respect for differences, and a truthful history of our country, we can make meaningful strides to overcome this dark chapter.

Today, we recommit to building a future of peace for all. It must begin now. It must begin with all of us. Together. 

This evening, we are hosting a Community Healing Circle to reflect, create art, meditate and unite with others from the One Common Unity community. Sign up here to join us at 7 pm and please bring paper and pencil. And right before, at 6pm, youth artists from our Performance Troupe will also offer creative reflections on this week’s events on Instagram Live. 

Yours in peace,

Senior Leadership Team

One Common Unity

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